Wills & Probate

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Don’t leave it to chance...

You need to make a will to ensure your money and property pass to the people or loved ones you choose on your death. If you don’t make a will the intestacy rules apply. These are statutory rules which set out which family members will benefit on your death and in what proportions. If you have no family members then your assets go to the Crown.

Do consider making a will if you are not married...

The intestacy rules do not recognise unmarried partners as family members (Civil Partners are recognised).

Don’t try and draft a will yourself...

You need to make sure the provisions of your will are completely valid and the will has been properly executed. Leave it to the professionals, if not problems will arise and can be costly to sort out.

Do consider appointing this firm to act as your Executors.

We can ensure the provisions of your will are carried out properly and promptly and cost effectively (costs information available on request).

Currently our costs are:

  • £150+VAT simple individual will
  • £250+VAT mirror wills (for couples whose wishes mirror each others)

For more complicated wills or if you wish to set up a trust please contact us for further information.

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Wills & Probate

Michelle Davidson-Smith heads up the private client department.

One of our specialist team can take you through the often difficult process of preparing your will or lasting power of attorney to ensure that the best possible arrangements are in place to suit your particular needs. We will refer you for specialist tax and independent financial advice where appropriate and we work closely with local firms of accountants who offer specialist advice at preferential rates. We also undertake probate work and are able to assist in the administration of estates at all levels.

The team offer an out of hours telephone service so that a client is able to speak directly with a solicitor.

Free initial appointments are also available so that a client may come into the office and be informed without financial commitment as to the best way to effectively deal with their situation.

Michelle adopts a caring and sympathetic approach to all clients. Working with you means results.


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