When a couple divorces or separates, a decision will need to be made as to how they divide their assets, such as the family home, money in bank accounts, and pensions etc.  

If a couple chooses to divorce, and they are able to agree on this, then a Consent Order can be prepared and submitted to the Court for sealing. This is a legally binding Order and finalises matters.   

Alternatively, an application can be made to the Court. If no agreement is reached at this point, then the case will be set down for a Final Hearing.   

The Court cannot make Final Financial Orders without Conditional Order in place within divorce proceedings.  

The process is a little different when parties separate, and a Separation Agreement or Concluded Agreement comes into play.  

We can advise on all circumstances and can offer fee quotes based upon individual cases.


We can offer fixed-fees for Consent Orders, Separation Agreements, and Concluded Agreements subject to requirements.  

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