Wills, Probate & LPAs

It is important to prepare a Will so that you can ensure that, upon your death, your assets pass to the people you choose. Without a Will, the intestacy rules apply. These are statutory rules which set out which family members will benefit, and in what proportions.  

A Will must be correctly drafted, signed, and witnessed, to ensure that it is valid and your wishes upheld.  

We prepare Wills for a fixed-fee, depending on whether it is a single Will (made by an individual) or Mirror Wills (made by couples).  

When an individual who has left a Will passes away, their Will must be carried out in line with their wishes. This process is called Probate. Depending on the Will, and the beneficiaries named within it, often a Grant of Probate will be required to enable organisations (such as banks and building societies) to release funds.  

This is done by making an application to the Probate Registry.  

If there is Inheritance Tax to pay on an Estate, then this must be done before the Grant of Probate is issued.  

We can advise on the matter of Probate, and assist in the execution of a Will and the distribution of an Estate.  

Sometimes, planning for the future means considering the possibility that you may lose mental or physical capacity. It is important to think ahead, and you may want to consider making a Lasting Power of Attorney (an LPA).  

There are two types of LPA: 

  • Financial decisions  
  • Health and Welfare decisions  

Both LPAs allow you to appoint attorneys. These are the people you would like to make decisions on your behalf, and follow any instructions that you set out in the LPA. Again, both LPAs have provision for you to record how you would like your attorneys to make decisions, and what decisions they are able to make for you.  

We take instructions relating to both types of LPA.  


Single Will – £160 plus VAT 

Mirror Wills – £275 plus VAT 

LPAs – £250 plus VAT per LPA (plus and £82 registration fee per LPA) 

Probate matters are charged at an hourly rate.  

To discuss fees further, or to make a free initial appointment, please contact us.