Divorce & Separation

Divorce is the legal process to bring a marriage to an end. As of April 2022, a divorce is now no fault and parties can apply for a divorce jointly if they so choose. 

There are three steps to the divorce process: 

  • The application (which can be made by one party, or both together)  
  • Conditional Order 
  • Final Order 


Finances are dealt with separately, however they often run alongside divorce proceedings. For further information about reaching a financial settlement, visit our page here.

We offer a fixed-fee divorce, where we are not instructed in relation to other matters at the same time.  

Separation does not end a marriage but allows parties to live independently from one another. Parties will still have the obligations towards each other that, in law, marriage brings.  

Again, the issue of finances must be considered upon separation, and this is commonly dealt with by way of a Separation Agreement or Concluded Agreement. For further information, visit our page here.


Fixed-Fee Divorce – £375 plus VAT (plus £593 Court fee) 

A divorce alongside other matters will be charged at an hourly rate. To discuss fees further, or to make a free initial appointment, please contact us.