There may be disagreements as to where children are to live, or when the spend time with the absent parent. There may also be disputes around specific issues, such as education and health.  

In cases such as these, the Court encourages communication and co-parenting, and for parents to be able to make decisions between themselves. However, where this is not possible, an application to the Court can be made.  

The Court’s priority is the child’s best interest. Organisations such as CAFCASS,  and sometimes Social Services, will make sure that the child’s view is heard and will make recommendations to the Court if required.  

Where a child is being taken into care, or a parent is seeking a return of their child from the care of the Local Authority, these are known as public law cases 

We can advise on both private and public matters.  


When instructed in relation to private and public matters, we charge at an hourly rate.  

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