Separation is often an option taken by couples who are having relationship difficulties and who do not want to divorce or where there are no grounds to divorce. It is important for couples to agree the terms upon which they are to separate.

Sorting out finances and the children takes the worry away and ensures that everything is sorted out for the future. Legal advice and guidance is essential to ensure that the agreement you reach is reliable and enforceable.

We can offer that advice and help you with the negotiation process to achieve a workable arrangement. The terms of the agreement can then be drawn up into a Separation Deed to conclude the negotiation.

The Separation Deed should cover issues such as maintenance, where parties are to live and who the children are to live with, what will happen to the house, who will pay the mortgage/rent, contact, holidays with the children, school fees, is a lump sum to be paid and whether there is to be an agreement that the parties will divorce by consent in two years. So there is a good deal to think about and we can guide you through that process smoothly and without fuss.

Once the Separation Deed has been signed both parties will retain a copy and the process is then concluded.