Where there are children involved, we are able to advise and help you through the various issues that can arise following marriage and relationship breakdown. It's often a sensitive and difficult area for clients to deal with.

Whether discussing where the children are to live, how often the absent parent is to have contact, schooling and paternity, the involvement of Social Services or simply what is available to help the children come to terms with the breakup, we can help.

We are able to negotiate with the other parent or their solicitor, represent you in Court, use mediation or attend round-the-table meetings in order to achieve resolution to your situation keeping the interests of the children at the very centre of what we do.


Grandparents can also become involved in family breakdown. We can assist and advise on grandparents’ rights and the steps that they need to take to see their grandchildren.

Whatever the issue, we will work with you and support you to achieve the right resolution for your situation. It’s often not easy but we believe it’s always solvable.

Our office is child friendly and children are very welcome.






Emergency Action

Urgent action is often required in family situations. In such cases, you will be given a mobile number to access your solicitor at any time in those emergency situations. We can make emergency applications to the Court, advise there and then on such situations and put your mind at rest as to what needs to be done.