Family Law

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Domestic Abuse & Violence

Domestic abuse can take many forms and whenever it occurs it is traumatic, frightening and above all life changing. We are acutely aware of the implications of such situations and the speedy action that is required to protect you.

This can take the form of a non-molestation injunction or an occupation order, both of which can be obtained within 24 hours if necessary. We have a close working relationship with the local Domestic Violence Unit at the police station, MARAC, the Independent Domestic Violence Advice Service, free counselling agencies and the Refuge to ensure that measures are in place to protect you at a moment’s notice.

In some circumstances we are able to offer our services free of charge (or pro bono) depending on your financial position.

We have a barrister who is part of our Domestic Abuse team who will attend Court for you where necessary at short notice and follow your representation through to conclusion. We feel it is very important to provide an all round package of advice and support to ensure that you are not only protected but also have the means to move on.

More about our team

We have developed a specialist team to help victims of abuse and vulnerable adults and have a dedicated barrister and solicitor with an expertise in this field who will have conduct of the case throughout, so there is no changing of representative at any stage.

We have a team member with a wealth of experience who will assess your individual needs in terms of the support you require not only going through this process but also afterwards.

We have links with a free counselling service, IDVAs, MARAC, the Freedom Programme, housing and many others to support you through this process both in Court and beyond.

It's about empowerment and your future and we believe that there is an absolute need for an all round service so that we can journey with you to achieve a better future.

Emergency Action

Urgent action is often required in these situations. In such cases, you will be given a mobile number to access your solicitor at any time in those emergency situations. We can make emergency applications to the Court, advise there and then on such situations and put your mind at rest as to what needs to be done.

Family & Matrimonial

Michelle Davidson-Smith heads up our Family and Matrimonial department.

Michelle is a member of Resolution. She has a valuable wealth of experience and knowledge in this area with a genuine understanding of the difficulties and emotional pressures that clients experience when dealing with family breakup.

Michelle is also a trained counsellor who is able to bring her skills into play so as to achieve a strong and effective working relationship with her clients.

The team offer an out of hours telephone service so that a client is able to speak directly with a solicitor.

Free initial appointments are also available so that a client may come into the office and be informed without financial commitment as to the best way to effectively deal with their situation.

Michelle adopts a caring and sympathetic approach to all clients. Working with you means results.

In accordance with the Resolution Code of Practice they are committed to resolving disputes in a constructive and non confrontational way so as to preserve client’s dignity and encourage agreements.

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